Only Professor Baker’s direct research advisees are listed on this page, both Thesis and non-Thesis

(comprehensive examination or Master’s project) degrees and undergraduates doing research.

Graduate committee work for other students and senior design project supervision is not listed below.

Current Students

Shadden Abdalla (Undergraduate)

Gonzalo Arteaga (Undergraduate)

Tyler Ferreira (Undergraduate)  

Dane Gentry (MS student) 

Antanasia Jones (Undergraduate)  

Francisco Mata (Undergraduate) 

James Mellott (MS student)

Eric Monahan (MS student)

Kostas Moutafis (PhD student)

Sachin Namboodiri (PhD student)

Shada Sharif (MS student)

Mario Verduzco (Undergraduate) 

Vikas Vinayaka (MS student)   

Wenlan Wu (PhD student)  

Graduated Doctoral Students

2016 – Dr. Yiyan Li – Portable High Throughput Digital Microfluidics and On-Chip Bacteria Cultures      

2015 – Dr. Yacouba Moumouni – Designing, Building, and Testing a Solar Thermoelectric Generation, STEG, for Energy Delivery to Remote Residential Areas in Developing Regions

2011 – Dr. Qawi IbnZayd Harvard – Low-Power, High-Bandwidth, and Ultra-Small Memory Module Design

2010 – Dr. Vishal Saxena – K-Delta-1-Sigma Modulators for Wideband Analog-to-Digital Conversion

2009 – Dr. Robert Russell Hay – Digitally-Tunable Surface Acoustic Wave Resonator

2008 – Dr. Xiangli Li (the first Boise State University College of Engineering PhD graduate) – MOSFET Modulated Dual Conversion Gain CMOS Image Sensors

2000 – Dr. Feng Lin – Research and Design of Low Jitter, Wide Locking-Range Phase-Locked and Delay-Locked Loops

Graduated Masters Students


Claire Tsagari – Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Capacitive Sensor using Delta-Sigma Modulation  


Kevin Buck – Fast Transient Digitzer and PCB Interface  
Marzieh Sharbat Maleki  

Angsuman Roy – Design, Fabrication and Testing of Monolithic Low-Power Passive Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converters    


Daniel Anderson – Design and Implementation of an Instruction Set Architecture and Instruction Execution Unit for the RZ9 Coprocessor System  


Jared Gordon – Design and Fabrication of an Infrared Optical Pyrometer ASIC


Justin Butterfield

Adam Johnson – Methods and Considerations for Testing Resistive Memories

Ben Millemon – CMOS Characterization, Modeling, and Circuit Design in the Presence of Random Local Variation

Justin Wood


Chamunda Ndinawe Chamunda

Gary VanAckern – Design Guide for CMOS Process On-Chip 3D Inductors using Thru-Wafer Vias


Lucien Jan Bissey – High-Voltage Programmable Delta-Sigma Modulation Voltage-Control Circuit

Kaijun Li

Yingting Li (co-supervised with Maria Mitkova)

Lael Matthews (co-supervised with Said Ahmed-Zaid)

Priyanka Mukeshbhai Parikh

Todd Plum (co-supervised with Jeff Jessing) – Design and Fabrication of a Chemicapacitive Sensor for the Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds

Rahul Srikonda

Avani Falgun Trivedi

Kuang Ming Yap – Gain and Offset Error Correction for CMOS Image Sensors using Delta-Sigma Modulation


Mahesh Balasubramanian – Phase Change Memory - Array Development and Sensing Circuits using Delta-Sigma Modulation

Lincoln Bollschweiler

Shantanu Gupta

Qawi Harvard – Wide I_O DRAM Architecture Utilizing Proximity Communication and slides

Avinash Rajagiri

Ramya Ramarapu

Harikrishna Rapole

Aruna Vadla


Hemanth Ande

Curtis Cahoon – Low-Voltage CMOS Temperature Sensor Design using Schottky Diode-Based References

Prashanth Busa

John McCoy III

Dennis Montierth – Using Delta-Sigma-Modulation for Sensing in a CMOS Imager

Rudi Rashwand

Barsha Shrestha (co-supervised with Zhu Han) – Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments using Bit Torrent and Bargaining


Eric Becker – Design of an Integrated Half-Cycle Delay Line Duty Cycle Corrector Delay Locked Loop

Matthew Leslie – Noise-Shaping Sense Amplifier for Cross-Point Arrays

Jose Monje

Sanghyun Park

Vishal Saxena – Indirect Feedback Compensation Techniques for Multi-Stage Operational Amplifiers and Vishal Saxena Opamps Matlab Design


Meshack Appikatla

Eric Booth – Wide Range, Low Jitter Delay-Locked Loop Using a Graduated Digital Delay Line and Phase Interpolator

Sucheta Das  

Krishna Duvvada – High Speed Digital CMOS Input Buffer Design

Krishnamraju Kurra  

Soumya Narasimhan  

Roger Porter  


David Butler – Low-Voltage Bandgap Reference Design Utilizing Schottky Diodes

Dragos Dimitriu  

Surendranath Eruvuru – Sensing Circuit Design for an Ion Mobility Spectrometer

Sandhya Sandireddy  

Harish Singidi  

Indira Vemula – Delta-Sigma Modulator Used in CMOS Imagers


Bhavana Kollimarla – A 1-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter Using Delta Sigma Modulation for Sensing in CMOS Imagers

Sandeep Pemmaraju – High Voltage Charge Pump Circuit for an Ion Mobility Spectrometer

Ravindra Puthumbaka – Circuit Design for an Ion Mobility Spectrometer

Brandon Roth – Comparison of Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Design Technologies using a 16-bit Binary Adder

Jennifer Taylor – Reading and Writing Flash Memory Using Delta-Sigma Modulation


Jing Plaisted – Methods for Memory Testing

Murugesh Subramaniam – Flash Memory Sensing Using Averaging


Brian Johnson – Application of an Asynchronous FIFO in a DRAM Data Path

Scott Ward – Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection in CMOS


Tyler Gomm – Design of a Delay-Locked Loop with a DAC-Controlled Analog Delay Line

Gexin Huang


Chris Atkins

Thaddeus Black

Zuxu Qin


Hao Chen

Doug Hackler (co-supervised with Steve Parke) – TMOS: A Novel Design for MOSFET Technology

Song Liu – Design of a CMOS 6-bit Folding and Interpolating Analog-to-Digital Converter


Ben Ba  


Brent Keeth – A Novel Architecture for Advanced High Density Dynamic Random Access Memories

Undergraduate Students


Michael Ghisilieri 

Raheel Sadiq

Stephanie Silic 


Gerardo Gomez-Martinez 

Matthew Meza 

Joey Yurgelon 


Kendrick De La Pena