Jacob (Jake) Baker, PhD, PE, welcome to my homepage! I am a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Mailing address can be found here. Office location: SEB-4218. Email:


Links: bio,, courses, expert witness, papers and talks, patents, pictures, research/development, and students.


Spring 2017 Office Hours: 1 to 2 PM on MW    
Office hours end on Wednesday, May 3
(so if you need a form signed please see me by this date.)



    Random Information

Printed circuit board layout using Eagle

Some examples using MATLAB

Setting up a laptop to record lectures

Editing webpages at

Links for help installing a remote desktop and running an Xterm (written and video) for running Cadence    

    Tutorials and Email

Bad design, Cadence Tutorials, Electric Tutorials, Email (CCDLS or CMSCD), LTspice_Tutorials, and Silvaco EDA Tutorials


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