Email and Errata for CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation




A few of the email questions, and responses, received for the third edition are listed below.

1.  How do you calculate the channel-length modulation parameter, λ, for a 180 nm process?

2.  Is gm (and thus device fT) independent of overdrive voltage in nanometer CMOS?

3.  In Ch. 20, on page 629 in Fig 20.22, I am unclear of the reason Vreg…

4.  Why do you call the reference in Fig. 20.14 a Beta-Multiplier Reference (BMR)

5.  Reading about "hot carriers" I found your explanation that this had to do…

6.  On pages 144 and 145 you discuss how VDS,sat is not exactly VGS - VTHN.

7.  Can I make a device fabricated in a nm process behave like a long channel device by increasing the L to >> μm?

8.  How do we define VDS,sat for short-channel MOSFETs?

9.  SF gain calculations on page 670 and 691

10. In Fig. 26.41 it says this is NOT the way to implement GE in ...

11. In Fig. 26.16 can’t we remove the φ2 switches on the bottom of C2 for better operation?

12. I tried to hand calculate the values in Table 9.2 using the short channel equations...

13. I had a quick question on deriving voltage gain on common-source amp with source degeneration.

14. Are the PMOS loads in Fig. 24.21 called "composite cascodes?"

15. What does "feature size" mean?

16. Would you provide a reference for the Miller Effect?

17. Why does the spectrum analyzer block diagram...?

18. In the square-law equation you use (VDS - VDS,sat) while others...

19. On page 1146 in the third paragraph you indicate you can't use the ...

20. What is the layer "elec" in the NCSU setups for the C5 process?

21. I have several questions about the voltage regulator presented in Sec. 24.5.

22. Please comment on the definition of VOH and VOL for the inverter, Ch. 11?

23. The value of e (=2.718) is used to size up the widths in the cascade of inverters for...

24. When I simulate an analog circuit using LTspice I get jagged sinewaves. What’s going on?

25. I have one designed all of your circuits for nominal process variations.

26. Is there a way to speed up LTspice simulations?

27. What is the best thing for me to focus on to improve the matching of two components?

28. I copied the op-amp in Fig. 24.44 but using a 130 nm process...

29. On page 625 you state that a system with positive feedback can be stable if the closed-loop gain is less than one.

30. On page 525, Eq. (18.3), you assume M1 is in saturation when the Schmitt trigger switches...

31. How would one implement a current mirror with a non-integer ratio and good matching?

32. I have a question about the MOS switching resistance in Sec. 10.1.

33. Would you provide simulation examples for the Pipeline ADC using capacitor error averaging discussed in Sec. 30.3.3?

34. In the indirect compensation scheme used in the book you use 1 capacitor...

35. Would you show how to take the derivative of Q'b0 to get Q'b0/2T as seen in Sec. 9.1.3?

36. On page 767 should we add that the PMOS currents are equal in (c) because the source-drain voltages are made equal?

37. The equation for the bandgap energy of Si given by Eq. (23.21) is a little...

38. You mention that to improve the CMRR of a diff-amp the capacitance...

39. Would you show the detailed algebra resulting in Eqs. (30.31) and (30.32)?

40. In Ch. 9 you mention that looking at the size of the output noise alone gives no indication of the noise performance...

41. If I use LTspice do I have to modify the SPICE models that I download from MOSIS? 

42. In your book you configure a differential to single-ended folded-cascode OTA, such as Fig. 24.42, with...

43. Would you please show how to derive the lock time, pull-in time, etc. for the charge pump PLLs in Ch. 19?


Typos found in the 3rd Edition of CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation, ISBN–13: 978-0-470-88132-3, published August, 2010.


How to tell the printing number is found here.


Typos found in the 4th, and later, printings of the 3rd Edition

pages 18-19 – the netlists in Figs. 1.21 and 1.22 changed from .tran 10u 30m to .tran 10u 16m

page 25 –     the netlist describes a circuit where the position of the switch and resistor, in Fig. 1.31, are swapped (same results since they are in series)

page 187 –   third line from the bottom change Sec. 2.5 to Sec. 2.6

page 256 –   the last term in Eq. (8.69) should be multiplied by Rs

page 282 –   15th line from the bottom change mag(vd34) to mag(vd24)

page 298 –   in Fig. 9.32 move the arrow head a little to the right (to VDS = 50 mV)

page 299    in Fig. 9.34 the later versions of the BSIM4 model simulations result in an fT of 3.7 GHz rather than 6 GHz

page 447    change 8,192 to 4,096 

page 531 –   in Fig. 18.11 modify the waveform sketch to have cleaner exponential shapes between the switching times

page 543    fourth line from the top change Fig. 18.13 to Fig. 18.33

page 545 –   in Fig. 18.38 change CN-1 to CN and CN to Cload then the top of (new) CN swings between (N + 1) ·VDDN·VTHN and N  ·(VDD – VTHN). The final output voltage across Cload is then (N + 1)· (VDD -VTHN )

page 579    Eq. (19.59) isn't correct. See the correct equation from the derivation found here. Also see email question 43 seen above.

page 649 –   change, in Fig. 20.45’s caption, “the current sourced by the NMOS.” to “the current sunk by the NMOS.”

page 775    Fig. 24.3 change caption from "(b) its gain (the derivation of (a))" to "(b) its gain (the derivative of (a))".

page 780    second line from the bottom change 1/gmn to 1/gm2  

page 782    fourth line down change (Rz = 1/gm1) to (Rz = 1/gm2 = 1/gmp in Fig. 24.8), and for rest of the page change gm1 to gm2 

page 803 –   last line of the second paragraph change M11 to M12

page 851    fourth line from the top change "(as discussed in Ch. 6)." to "(as discussed in Ch. 5)."

page 1044   in Fig. 30.19 change 2-4, 2-8, and 2-16 to 2-3, 2-4, and 2-5

page 1096   top of the page, change Problems to PROBLEMS

page 1172   change the entry "Twin tub, 31" to "Twin well, 31, 52-55"


Typos fixed in the 4th printing of the 3rd Edition

front inside cover – in the Multipliers table add “exa” (= 1015) and “peta” (= 1018), remove the comment that “atto” or “a” isn’t used in SPICE (it is used in modern simulators), change the spelling of “terra” to “tera”, change the relative dielectric constant of Si02 from 3.97 to 3.9, and change the listing of SiN3 to Si3N4 (silicon nitride) with a relative dielectric constant of 7.5.

page xxx –   move the “……” between Sec. 31.9.2’s title and page number to between Sec. 31.9’s title and page number

page 26 –     change the sign of the phase shift in Eq. (1.16) as seen fixed here

page 107 –   in Fig. 5.2 swap values for L and W (two places) and then remove the “10k” in the SPICE statement for r1 as seen fixed here

page 114 –    tenth line down change 3.97 to 3.9

page 132 –   the line below Eq. (6.2) change 3.97 to 3.9

page 215 –   fourth line in the second paragraph from the bottom of the page change “…DC source, VDC , is VDC ” to “…DC source, VDC , is V 2DC

page 221 –   second line from the bottom change “tan-12πf/f3dB” to “tan-1f/f3dB

page 250 –   near the middle of the page change “1018” to “1018

page 287 –   change “constan” to “constant” at the end of Eq. (9.26)

page 346 –   in the first sentence, last word, change “seven” to “nine”

page 835 –   the + and – terminals of A1 in both Figs. 25.9 and 25.10 should be swapped

page 952 –   Figure 28.23b the decimal in .5 is spaced too far away from the “5”, it’s under the “s” in LSBs (yes, very minor ;-)

page 1076 – in Fig. 30.54 change, above caption, Vout to vout

page 1077 – in Fig. 30.55 change Vin+, Vin, Vout+, Vout, Vouta, Vouth, and Vavg to vin+, vin, vout+, vout, vouta, vouth, and vavg respectively

page 1101 –   fifth line down change “…will be used later sections…” to “…will be used in later sections…” and tenth line down remove “reducing the effects of noise, ”. While it is true that feedback reduces an amplifier’s output noise it also reduces the desired output signal by the same amount, as discussed in Sec. 8.3.2, so no improvement in SNR is realized using feedback.

page 1119 –   below the middle of the page change 1.002 Ω to 1.002 kΩ, second line from the bottom Rbo should be infinite, not zero (Rbi and Rbo are both ideally infinite)

page 1149 –  Figure 31.55c and (d) should have the gate of the second transistor moved down to the drain of the first PMOS as seen fixed here


Typos fixed in the 3rd printing of the 3rd Edition

page 5 –       move the bold line in Fig. 1.5 to the front to show the location of the cross-sectional view

page 38 –     9th line from the bottom change "n+ and p+ implants" to "n+ and p+ field implants"

page 65 –     first equation change (2,000·4) to (2,000 + 0.4)

page 144 –   third line below Eq. (6.41) add to the end of the sentence “…over smaller distances, see LDD discussion on the bottom of page 151.”

pages 154-157 – minor modifications to the BSIM4 models for better modeling of the S/D parasitics, see fix here

page 236 –   fix "0" at the end of Eq. (8.43). The “0” is partially cut-off (yes, very minor ;-).

page 251 –   some changes to make the example clearer are seen here

page 302 –   fifth line from the bottom change RCH to Rch and then adjust position of Eq. (9.63) label

page 578 –   change the (1 + sRC1) in the numerator of Eq. (19.56) to (1 + sRC1)/C1

page 621 –   seventh line down change “900 mV to 1 V.” to “900 mV to 1.1 V.”

page 625 –   last paragraph change, in two places, “closed loop gain” to “loop gain”

page 704 –   on the right side of Eq. (21.123) the “1” should also, in addition to the gmnRncas, be multiplied by ron||rop

page 759 –   7th line from the bottom change “and that is why the…” to “and this, combined with the more dominant increase in the scale current, Is, with temperature, is why the…”

page 767 –   add note to Fig. 23.29 reminding that circuits that use feedback can become unstable, see addition here

page 871 –   8th line from the bottom change Ac to Acm

page 882 –   second line in the second paragraph change vop,n to vop,m

page 913 –   change, in Fig. 27.6a, “2.4 to 2.6” to “2.48 to 2.52” and in Fig. 27.6b change “2.4” to “2.48”.

page 1013 –  shift (29.104) to the right so it’s aligned with the other equation numbers

page 1065 – fifth and sixth lines in first paragraph change 30.30 and 30.37 to 30.34 and 30.35 respectively

page 1069 – line below Eq. (30.60) change (VCM < vin < 3VCM /2) to (VCM /2 < vin < 3VCM /2)

page 1071 – 9th line down change “weighting, Eq. (30.27),” to simply “weighting”

page 1113   four lines above Eq. (31.28) change “…amplifier, AOL, and the…” to “…amplifier and the…”

pages 1115, 1116, 1118, 1122, 1123, 1130, 1131, and 1132 – change the figures and equations to use vsg for the PMOS instead of vgs (flip current sources and the + and – around). It’s correct the way it is but it’s inconsistent with the rest of the book, see changes here.

page 1134 – M1 in Fig. 31.37a should be a PMOS device, remove ro3/ro4 in two places in the first equation

page 1140 –  first and second equations on the page change RI to Ri

page 1141 –   9th line from the bottom change "closed gain, ACL" to "closed-loop gain, ACL "

page 1143 – line below heading Amplifiers with Gain change “Figs. 31.46 or 31.47” to “Figs. 31.45b or 31.47”

page 1144 –  in Fig. 31.48 change Vbias2 to Vbias4 in two places

page 1147 –  5th line down the reduction in W doesn’t affect (ideally) AOL (see Eq. [9.61]) but reducing W does reduce the noise in the drain current (as indicated).

page 1163 –  add “Feature size, F, 444” to the index




Typos fixed in the Revised 2nd Edition, ISBN–13: 978–0–470–22941–5, published November, 2007.


Typos fixed in the 4th printing of the Revised 2nd Edition

page 3 –       the words “die” and “dice” should be swapped in the sentence at the top of Fig. 1.2

page 26 –    Vin and Vout are transposed in Eqs. (1.14) and (1.15)

pages 154, 156 – for the BSIM4 models change level=14 to level=54. Not an error but rather an update. Note that older SPICE simulators still require Level=14 when using the BSIM4 model

page 244 –   2nd line from the bottom. Change "pronouced" to "pronounced"

page 251 –   bandwidth for the op-amp’s contribution to noise should be 2 MHz not 1.59 kHz, see fix here

page 261 –   third line down change 8.5 pA/root(Hz) to 0.85 pA/root(Hz)

page 348 –   the term in Eq. (11.28), (r*l)(Cload) should be 2*(r*l)(Cload)

page 362 –   12th line down change “then” to “than”

page 500 –   Eqs. (17.17) and (17.18) were derived where M represents the number of times the feedback path is enabled (as stated). There is an inconsistency, an inversion, between the two sentences following Eq. (17.18) and the schematic seen Fig. 17.18. Since the feedback path controls a PMOS device this path is enabled when the DSM output, Q, goes low (so M would represent the number of times Q goes low). To eliminate the inconsistency we could add an inverter to the output of the DSM in Fig. 17.18 so that M represents the number of times the DSM output goes high and thus the number of times M3 is enabled. the right side of Eq. (17.21) should not have the Ccup in it since M4 is a source follower and isolates the two capacitors. Eq. (17.22) should be modified accordingly.

page 600 –   3rd line from the bottom change the sentence “Notice that the static phase error.” to “Notice the static phase error.” (Remove “that”).

page 703 –   remove the extra period at the end of Figure 21.54’s caption.

page 840 –   in Fig. 25.16 swap the op-amps’ + and – inputs so there is negative feedback.

page 866 –   5th and 6th lines down change “current variations vary” to “how the current varies”

page 870 –   9th line down change “M1” to “the 200/1 PMOS”

pages 879, 881, 883, and 885 – Figures 26.22, 26.26, 26.29, and 26.33 remove the wire shorting the op-amp’s + and – inputs

index –         the index entry Decoder, 329, 43-34, 447, … should be changed to Decoder, 329, 430, 433, 447, …,


Typos fixed in the 3rd printing of the Revised 2nd Edition

page 411 –    second paragraph, second sentence change “The dark dots indicate and, thus, a failing chip.” to “The dark dots indicate defects and thus bad chips.”

page 486 –   Figure 17.3 the word “add” should be “remove”

page 917 –   eighth line down change 2.49–2.51 V to 2.45–2.55 V

page 928 –   fifth line, second paragraph, the x–input is 0.25 not 0.5 as indicated (the calculation for the location of point A is correct). In the same paragraph, seventh line, point B is at -1.8V not 1.8 V

page 950 –   Fig. 28.21b the decimal point is missing in front of the ½ LSB DNL, that is, 5 should be .5

index –         the index entry for Saturation region is listed twice, separated by Salicide


Typos fixed in the 2nd printing of the Revised 2nd Edition

page 18 –     bottom of the page replace: - 0.294 with - 0.119, - 16.85 with - 6.82, and the time delay in Eq. (1.9), - 234 us with - 95 us

page 42 –     second paragraph, second line “determining” is misspelled

page 53 –     the triple–well figure should be 2.24d (not 2.24c), change in first paragraph “can be used, Fig. 2.24c.” to “can be used, Fig. 2.24d.”

page 54 –     replace “Being able use the” with “Being able to use the”

page 61 –     second line change “capacitance for metal1” to “capacitance for metal2”

page 77 –     Fig. 3.23 should only have 6 pads on a side not 7 (so the total number of pads is 24 not 28)

page 686 –   14th line down change “and to eliminate the” to “and to eliminate, or more correctly to reduce, the”

page 687 –   in Eq. (21.78) Av1 should be - gm1*ro/2. This means, in Ex. 21.12, that Av1 = - 3.75, tau_in = 1.16 ns, and thus fin = 137 MHz.




Typos fixed during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th printings of the 2nd Edition, ISBN–13: 978–0–471–70055–5, published November, 2004.

page 25 –     swap vin and vout in Fig. 1.25 (vout < vin)

page 66 –     the pulse delay in the SPICE netlist should be 50p not 5n

page 85 –     Figure 4.2(f) subtitle should indicate (e) not (g)

page 86 –     last line in second paragraph change "select" to "active"

page 88 –     figure 4.4, there shouldn't be an oxide above the silicided MOSFET S/D

page 91 –     there shouldn't be an oxide above the silicided MOSFET S/D in (h)

page 97 –     in the ninth line from the bottom change "are" to "area"

page 99 –     the rules show the minimum poly gate extension is 1 where it should be 1.25.

page 108 –   Ex. 5.2 should be a 10k resistor not 50k

page 136 –   two lines above Eq. (6.8) should be changed from "inversion and depletion cases." to "inversion and accumulation cases."

page 139 –   Equation (6.17) the term Vfb should be Vfp

page 150 –   a parentheses around nkT in Eq. 6.48

page 153 –   indicate, in the last paragraph, that hot indicates carriers with higher than thermal equilibrium energy

page 174 –   change the spinning direction of the wafer (not wrong just more common)

page 214 –   capitalize Joules in four line

page 216 –   modify figure 8.4 to show the power meter measures V^2,RMS and that the PSD is this power divided by the resolution of the spectrum analyzer

page 228 –   second line, the word SPICE should be moved to above the figure

page 246 –   ninth line down change 8.50 to 8.51

page 272 –   third line down change series to parallel

page 273 –   swap the + and – in Fig. 9.6b

page 275 –   add 1 uA next to the current source in Fig. 9.9

page 284 –   add t (time) to the bottom two equations (the sinusoids) on the page

page 285 –   add a – in front of 0.5 mV third line down

page 289 –   fix partially hidden VDS on the x–axis in Fig. 9.24

page 295 –   indicate that the temperatures are in Kelvin for Eq. (9.52)

page 297 –   indicate velocity overshoot and other effects cause the gm to increase with vgs

page 309 –   problem 9.26 change the 9.1 to 9.2

page 311 –    sixth line from the bottom change "is a 0 V" to "is at 0 V"

page 312 –   change the direction of the pulse in Fig. 10.3b

page 327 –   last line change "fetoprobes" to "femtoprobes"

page 341 –   eighth line down change 11.13 to 11.15, above this change "Latch–Ip" to "Latch–Up"

page 348 –   remove the 2 at the beginning of Eq. 11.28, and change comments describing RC line delay and the delay associated with the resistance driving the load C

page 376 –   first line change Evaluating to Increasing

page 380 –   Figure is spelled wrong in Figure 13.9

page 395 –   first line change 13.5ps to 15.75 ps

page 446 –   remove the word trench from the third line

page 447 –   9th line down change 8–Mbit to 16–Mbit

page 450 –   16th line down change "VDD is large" to "VDD is small", change the figure caption to 16.26 instead of 16.27

page 451 –   11th line from the bottom of the page change "power" to "current"

page 460 –   last line change "(ideally) ,to" to "(ideally), to"

page 466 –   fix the space after the word higher in Fig. 16.53

page 468 –   change the direction of electron flow in Fig. 16.56

page 471 –   capitalize NAND in the figure caption of Fig. 16.61

page 488 –   fourth line from the bottom change "constant ,we" to "constant, we"

page 495 –   fourth line from the bottom should be 17.11b not 17.11a

page 500 –   first line change 17.15 to 17.16

page 513 –   Eq. 17.42 the (N – M)/M should be M/(N – M) also change N/2<=M<=N to 0<=M<=N/2

page 517 –   second paragraph from bottom change “The thermal noise from the capacitors is” to “The input–referred thermal noise is set by the sampling capacitors and is…”

page 518 –   Fig. 17.38 flip the polarity of the offset and first line of second paragraph change 17.33 to 17.36

page 545 –   second to the last line should be (N+1)*VDD – N*VTHN and N*VDD – N*VTHN

page 546 –   fourth line from the bottom in first paragraph change "A larger capacitor is used on node A" to "A larger capacitor is used on node B"

page 553 –   fourth line down capabilities is spelled wrong

page 554 –   seventh line down add an s to continue

page 564 –   fifth line from the bottom of the page change 1 mV to 10 mV

page 604 –   first line change 10k to 5k

page 608 –   problem 19.04 change "that it" to "that it is"

page 615 –   fig. 20.4 change the 210k resistor to 200k

page 620 –   tenth line down change 0.2 to 0.1

page 625 –   write Eq. (20.23) in terms of the overdrive voltage as well (IREF=  and Vov=)

page 637 –   second line from the bottom change "drain" to "drain voltage" also change the MOSFET references to they refer to the correct MOSFETs

page 639 –   Fig. 20.31b change the VGS on the gate of M4 to simply VG

page 649 –   Fig. 20.45b fix typo of MB7 to MB6 (second row of PMOS)

page 651 –   fourth line down change Vbias2 to Vbias4

page 657 –   eighth line from bottom fix space in "common– source". In the last line change from 21.1 to 21.1a

page 667 –   remove square–root brackets in Eq. (21.21)

page 674 –   first line of second paragraph add extra parentheses so they are balanced

page 686 –   Eq. (21.75) should be “V^2inoise =…” instead of “V^2onoise =…”

page 687 –   take the magnitude of the second to the bottom equation

pages 688-690 – equations (21.84) and (21.85) are only valid when the drain of M2 is connected to a low impedance. Also, remove noise from M2/M3 in Eqs. (21.79) and (21.80) See here for updated pages.

page 692 –   second line from the bottom change 600 mV to 500 mV, last paragraph change all 250 mV to 280 mV

page 694 –   remove M2’s noise contributions in Eq. (21.99), show why in Fig. 21.44

page 697 –   replace the W in Eq. (21.108) with K and indicate K=12.5 (the gm scales linearly with the MOSFET’s width) and change 530 uA/V to 1.875 mA/v. Change, in the next equation, 1.88k to 533 and 0.84 to 0.95, two lines below that change 500*0.84 = 420 ==> 52.5 dB to 500*0.95 = 425 ==> 53 dB

pages 697-703 – the symbols RL and Rload are used interchangeably. Should, to be consistent, just use Rload.

page 702 –   first equation, move the 1k out of the brackets for a Pload of 125uW, the Psupply becomes 325uW, the PCE becomes 38%, without bias circuit current PCE is 68%

page 715 –   11th line from the bottom change “folded– cascode” to “folded–cascode”

page 717 –   fix the formatting of the Iss in Eq. 22.15

page 718 –   Ex. 22.4 add an s to components, remove the s on drains, add the word current after drain, and change 150 uA/V^2 to simply 150 uA/V

page 719 –   change, in Fig. 22.10's caption, 22.10 to 22.4, two lines above Eq. (22.20) change “the AC current flowing in ro4 is id1.” to “the AC current flowing in M4 is id1.” (change ro4 to M4)

page 726 –   eq. (22.32) the output noise is divided by A^2d (not the input noise), change the label on the noise source for M3 in Fig. 22.20 from 6 to 3

page 735 –   should be 3.6 V not 3.65 V and 4.4 V not 4.45 V in Ex. 22.9

page 746 –   fourth line down should indicate Ch. 5 not Ch. 7

page 749 –   remove VSS from Eq. (23.8)

page 762 –   Ex. 23.4 should say using Eq. (23.23) not (23.22)

page 765 –   add a start–up circuit to Fig. 23.27

page 766 –   change the simulation and discussion to include the start–up circuit added on the previous page

page 769 –   change figs. 23.31 and 32 as seen at:

page 774 –   fifth and seventh lines from the bottom change 900 mV to 930 mV

page 785 –   indicate equation (24.19) is an approximation for |K*Cc/gm1| >> Cc/gmcg

page 790 –   Eq. 24.27 should have Acm not Ac

page 791 –   fourth and first lines from the bottom change 20.21, 21.21 to 23.21

page 792 –   Eq. (24.31) should indicate open loop gain AOL not just A

page 793 –   last line remove the square–root bracket can change the gain to –31.6

page 794 –   first line change gain from 5,000 to 15,600 and gain from 74 dB to 84 dB, also remove square–root in fourth line down

page 795 –   first line remove the word "and"

page 800 –   last line in second paragraph change fig. 24.38 to fig. 24.39

page 802 –   fig. 24.40 shift vm down a little

page 817 –   after equation (24.76) should say CLmin not CLmax

page 820 –   fourth line in second paragraph fix space in "common– source"

page 822 –   fourth line from the bottom should be 2400 fF not 2400 pF

page 851 –   fix caption for Fig. 25.29a

page 873 –   change caption for Fig. 26.14

page 880 –   second line from the bottom fix space in "common– mode"

pages 897-898 – change 10f to 50f and the 25f to 10f in Fig. 26.50 (not wrong just a little more robust)

page 908 –   change the word edition to volume in problem 26.19

page 919 –   fix space in "cross– coupled" sixth line from top, fix fig. 27.16 caption

page 950 –   third line from the bottom change 011 to 100

page 1018 – problem 29.6 change "Fig. P29.6" to "Fig. 29.52"

page 1019 – problem 29.7 change "5 mA" to "5 uA"

augmented index in second and later printings


Sorry, no typo list for the 1st Edition, ISBN–13: 978-0-780-33416-8, published August, 1997.


However, the 1st Edition’s supporting material is available in or CMOS_1e.rar