Some random information related to using Eagle for the layout of printed circuit (PC) boards.


Download Eagle at


Eagle Cad Tutorials (a total of 12) (great to get going quick!)

Other useful tutorials are found here: 

Part 1 - Schematic Design   

Part 2 - PCB Layout    

Part 3 - Generating CAM (Gerber) files and DFM   

A tutorial video covering the use of Eagle done by Lincoln Bollschweiler here.


Pin headers Eagle library "pinhead"


End connection SMA connectors Eagle Package J502-ND-142-0701-801/806 Value SMA-142-0701-801/806


A layout and symbol for mounting a tiny chip from MOSIS to a PC board is found here. Note that this library defines pin 1

on the left/top of the padframe. Pin 10 is on the left/bottom.


A board for testing the KD1S_test_chips seen here is available in A 50-ohm feedthru BNC was used

to terminate analog input and clock signals and a BNC to SMA adapter is used to go from the co-ax to the SMA end connectors

on the board.


How to solder introduction


How to solder SMD


Information on making a symbol from scratch is found here. 


Some information on bonding a chip to the PC board.


Itís good if the board can be made so that it rests flat. Below the pin headers are placed on the back side of the board to

provide a flat surface. Note that the top of the board, the left image, is fairly flat so that the wire bonder can access the chip

without hitting a component.


Using Al wire and the lowest (on the wire bonder) power setting may work best for bonding the chip to the board. Try to make the

traces on the board as small as possible. Also, Ablebond 84-3 is used to glue the chip to the board (see