Mixed-Signal Circuit Design, Second Edition

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Published by Wiley-IEEE Press, ISBN 9780470290262, 2nd Edition, 2009.
The book’s author is R. Jacob Baker.

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Errata and (some) email correspondence are found here.

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 Links, Downloads, Tutorials, and Videos

Cadence Design System – ubiquitous commercial tools.

Electric VLSI Design System – free and powerful CAD system for chip design (schematics, layout, DRC, LVS, ERC, etc.).

Mentor Graphics – IC design, verification, design-for-manufacturability, and test technologies.

Silvaco Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF EDA – easy-to-use tools with good process design kit (PDK) availability.

Download supporting material* in:,,,,,, and

The book's SPICE simulation examples are available at LTspice.  

A program for TI-89 calculators that takes R, C, and signal frequency as inputs and outputs the STF and NTF for 1st and 2nd order continuous-time modulators  is here.  

Tutorials from Bad design, Cadence, Electric VLSI, LTspice, and Silvaco EDA.

Videos are located hereMATLAB examples are here, and Verilog-AMS examples are found here


Additional Homework Problems - These problems are made available, in addition to the textbook problems, but without written solutions (the solutions are not written up) since they would end up posted on the web.


*Chapter 9 material includes MATLAB scripts for determining data converter SNR from SPICE simulations, see MSD_MATLAB for comments.

The first edition’s supporting material is found at the bottom of the webpage here.

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