EE 420L Analog Integrated Circuit Design Laboratory
Spring 2017, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Student lab reports are found here.

Current grades are located
March 22 - Lab7 - Design of an audio amplifier, due March 29  
March 8 - Lab6 - Single-stage transistor amplifiers, due March 22
February 22 - Lab5 - Op-amps III, the op-amp integrator, due March 8 
February 15 - Lab4 - Op-amps II, gain-bandwidth product and slewing, due February 22
February 1 - Lab3 - Op-amps I, basic topologies, finite gain, and offset, due February 15  
January 25 - Lab2 - Operation of a compensated scope probe, due February 8
January 18 - Lab1 - Lab safety review and then review of basic RC circuits, due January 25 

Instructor: R. Jacob Baker

Lab Teaching Assistant: None
Time: Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 12:45 AM

Course dates: Wednesday, January 18 to Wednesday, May 3  

Location: TBE B-311

Holiday: April 12 (Spring break from instruction)

Course content Applications and study of modern electronic analog and digital circuits. Advanced instrumentation.

Credits: 1

Corequisite: EE 420; Prerequisite: EE 320L


30% Quizzes
40% Lab Reports

30% Project


  • Unlike the lectures, laptops can be used during the lab. Please bring your laptop with you to lab!
  • If a quiz is open book then only the course textbook can be used (no ebooks, older/international editions, or photocopies).
  • No late work accepted. Regularly being tardy for labs, leaving in the middle of labs, or leaving early is unacceptable without consent of the instructor.
  • Cheating or plagiarism will result in an automatic F grade in the lab
  • Questions for the instructor (only) should be asked in person (not via email).