ECG 722 Mixed-Signal Circuit Design
Spring 2018, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


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Textbook: CMOS Mixed-Signal Circuit Design, Second Edition 

Instructor: R. Jacob Baker 

Teaching Assistant: Shada Sharif  

Timeoffered as an online course to on–campus UNLV students

Course dates: January 16 - May 5

Locationoffered as an online course to on–campus UNLV students

Holidays: Monday, Feb. 19 (Washington's Birthday), March 26 and 28 (Spring break from instruction)
Final exam time: Monday, May 7, 6 to 8 PM

Course contentDesign of data converters using sigma–delta techniques. Operation and design of custom digital filters for decimating and interpolating in analog–to–digital interfaces. Credits: 3

Prerequisites: EE 320 and EE 360


25% Midterm
25% Homework

25% Course Project
25% Final


Course Outcomes 

After completing ECG 722 students will be able to: 


Design noise–shaping data converters given a set of requirements such as bandwidth, clock speed, and signal–to–noise ratio.


Design, simulate, and implement the digital interpolation and decimation filters used in noise–shaping data converters.

3. Design, simulate, and implement the analog filters used for anti–aliasing and reconstruction in a data conversion system.

4. Discuss the limitations of op–amps and comparators used in noise–shaping data converters.

5. Simulate noise–shaping data converting circuits and systems and the filtering used.
6. Design a high–speed noise–shaping converter using a cascaded modulator or the K–Delta–1–Sigma topology.