LASI IC Layout for Windows at

LASI (LAyout System for Individuals, pronounced "LAZY") was written by Dr. David E. Boyce
Read about supporting LASI here.


Run the installation program downloaded from the LASI Home Site.

For addons, examples, and setups see here (LASI home site) or here (CMOSedu site).

The pages discussing using LASI from the second edition (2005) of CMOS are seen in winlasi.pdf (30 pages).


To Get LASI Help

Clicking on the LASI Help Windows desktop icon pops up the LASI Help system.

When in a drawing, clicking the "Help" or "?" menu button also pops up the LASI Help system.


To manually set up a design directory and a desktop ICON to run LASI out of an arbitrary design directory

(A design directory cannot be C:\LASI7 where the system executables are located!)


A version of LASI in DOS is located here (for reference only, not supported).


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