Detailed Information on Installing SMASH from

Installation (for Windows)

1. Click on the Download link associated with the “Windows Autoextracting Microsoft Installer (EXE)" Evaluation kit located here.

2. Clicking on this link will lead to an information form.  Fill in the necessary sections of the form.

3. For the section "Your Host-ID Number" the physical address of your computer is needed.  Without this you will not have access to the discovery version of the software which has no limitations.

a.    Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center.

b. Under "Access type:" click on the connection you are using.  It will be either Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection.

c. Click on the details button and find the Physical address.  This is what you must enter in the "Your Host-ID Number" field of the form.  

4. After submitting the form an email confirming the registration and a link to the .exe file will be sent to the supplied email address.

5. Download the *.exe file and one of the zip files (each zip file contains the same information, that is, a license *.dat file) attached to the email.

a. Unzip the *.dat file and place it where it can be accessed by SMASH and it won't be deleted.

b. Note that the numbers in the file's name match the computer's physical address.

6. Run the *.exe file and follow the onscreen instructions to install the software

7. Next open SMASH, Start -> All Programs -> Dolphin Solutions -> SMASH

8. After the program starts click the Setup licenses button, then navigate to, and select, the *.dat file saved in step 5 above.

9. You are now ready to use SMASH for Verilog-AMS simulations.