Help Starting a Remote Desktop for UNLV Students 


The UNLV Design Software page is found here


Request an account, via email, from Dr. Greg from your UNLV email account (important).

Ensure you supply, with the email request, your student ID number and the course you are 

taking or, if you are doing research, your advisor's name.


After receiving the new account username and password, before the account can be used, 

you need to change the password.


To set your password download terminal client PuTTY to your desktop.


Double click on PuTTY to start it and then enter the Host Name: as seen below.


After hitting Open the following will appear.


Use your username and password to login.

You will need to change your password, as seen below.

The new password must be at least 8 characters and contain at least: one uppercase, one digit, and one special character.


Okay, we are now ready to download, install, and use the remote desktop.


Older version of the remote desktop installation is here.
Download and install NX Client for Windows (NOMACHINE).
An opening screen will appear, hit the Continue button.
Select "Create a new connection" as seen below.
Set the Protocol to SSH and hit the Continue button.
Set the Host to "" and hit the Continue button.
Select "Use the NoMachine login" and hit Continue.
Download the nomachine key file, nomachine.key (right click to "Save As").
Save this file somewhere safe where it can be read each time you start a remote desktop.
Hit Continue.
Select "Don't use a proxy" and hit Continue.
Name your connection and, if you want, create a desktop icon.
Then hit the Done button.
Select the "Recent connections" icon, as seen below, and hit Connect.
Double-click on the GNOME virtual desktop to start the remote desktop.
Select Display to adjust the display settings (e.g. full screen, or something smaller).

The circled two small icons at the bottom maximize the desktop.

Note the minimize icon at the bottom (second icon from the right).

To access this screen when running the desktop move the mouse the top left corner to "peal down" the window (this is unusual).

  Older remote desktop instructions.

Download and install NX Client for Windows (NOMACHINE).


Start NX Client for Windows.

Set the session name to, for example, UNLV and set the host to


Set the following.


We need to set one more important parameter and verify we set the others to the correct values.


Select the Configure button when starting NOMACHINE.


Verify the following values are what you are using.


Select the Advanced tab and set the following.

If you donít disable DirectDraw the display may be unreasonable slow.


Hit Ok and save the configuration, the Session, as, again for example, UNLV.


Enter your password for the server and Login as seen below.


The remote desktop will start as seen below.


X Error of failed request when trying to start Cadence IC51 in NX client (you need to install the 75 dpi fonts if you are

going to run Cadence IC51).