LTspice Tip 1 – using the current-controlled current source (CCCS) and the voltage-controlled voltage source (VCVS)


Let’s simulate the following, sim.asc (right click to save)


We’ve added the 0V voltage source (which behaves like a wire so it doesn’t affect the circuit) named VIB.

SPICE defines positive current flow as flowing from + to the – terminal of a voltage source.


The f source is added below (a CCCS).

Ctrl+Right clicking on the symbol (important) brings up the Component Attribute Editor


The first value is the voltage source, here the 0 V source named VIB, that the controlling current flows through (again positive current is from + to -)

The second value, you have to insert by double-clicking, is the CCCS gain (here 3)

To make this value visible (important) double click under the Vis. column and the Value2 row


The voltage-controlled voltage source (VCVS) is an e source (or an e2 if you want the + and – controlling terminals swapped)