Setting LTspice up for use with Electric


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C:\PROGRA~1\LTC\LTspiceIV\scad3.exe  or

C:\PROGRA~2\LTC\LTspiceIV\scad3.exe  or, if using LTspice XVII,



where, using the 8.3 filenameC:\PROGRA~1\ is the same as C:\Program Files\ and C:\PROGRA~2\ is the same as C:\Program Files (x86)\.

For copying into the “with args:” field: -i ${FILENAME} -r ${FILENAME_NO_EXT}.raw -o ${FILENAME_NO_EXT}.out

Ensure that in LTspice, Tools -> Control Panel -> Operation, raw files (simulation results) are not automatically deleted when LTspice is closed else you won’t see the results!!!

If you get an Exception Caught!!! when Electric loads simulation data it likely means that you have run out of memory. See number 15 here for how to increase the memory allocated to the JVM


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